{vmimport 164} Waterfall D-Mannoseô Maintenance Dose


D-MannoseHow often to take Waterfall D-Mannose ô depends on the propensity of getting infected. For people who suffer from regular bouts of cystitis, D-Mannose can be taken as often as required. There are no known side effects.
The suggested dose for people who often become infected is one level teaspoonful a day. For people who rearely become infected, it is not necessary to continue on a maintenance dose. These people should take it at the onset of symptoms.




In case of acute infection, D-Mannose rarely needs to be taken for more than a few days. For bladder infection, we recommend one teaspoon to be taken every three hours. Within 24 to 48 hours, there should be a big improvement of the problem, if not a complete resolution. We recommend avoiding the ingestion of the following substances which make bladder infections worse: coffee, alcohol, hot spices, sugar and sweet foods.


By taking D-Mannose on a regular basis, the propensity for cystitis will diminish slowly. One reason is that D-Mannose gradually impoverishes E. Coli colonies that are possibly still residing in the bladder. These can be released during or after stimulation due to sex and this is why we recommend the use of one teaspoon of D-Mannose one hour before and just after sexual relations for people who are subject to "honeymoon cystitis".


Another reason is that for people who were using antibiotics, the use of D-Mannose allows the immune system to gradually regain its strength as they no longer need to ingest regular doses of antibiotics. {vmimport 164}



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